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What is an Extraction?

Extraction in Frankfort, IL

When restorative procedures are not enough to save a tooth, it may need to be pulled, or extracted. Tooth extractions are far less painful than ever before, thanks to new technology, anesthetics, and Dr. Kolozenski’s experience! In many cases, a patient can have a tooth extracted with little or no discomfort.

Extractions can range from a single tooth or removing multiple teeth at once. Some cases in which a tooth might require an extraction are if it is blocking other teeth from coming in, does not leave space for orthodontic treatment, or has deteriorated beyond repair. Extraction procedures are also commonly performed for wisdom teeth. An impacted wisdom tooth means it is coming in at an angle and not straight through the gum line. Impacted or partially impacted wisdom teeth have the potential to cause problems, like infection or cause damage to the adjacent teeth, and are often removed.

Dr. Kolozenski, periodontist in Frankfort, has extensive experience with extracting teeth that cannot be saved. Dr. Kolozenski is able to utilize his 3-D imaging to see vital landmarks such as the sinuses, other teeth, and nerves to help with more demanding extractions when needed.

Based on the preference of the patient and/or Dr. Kolozenski, a local anesthetic could be used to numb the area where the teeth will be extracted. Some patients will prefer a different type of anesthetic so that they will be more comfortable during the procedure. Dr. Kolozenski will help determine which option is best for each of his patients!