Periodontal Maintenance

Don't Miss Your Maintenance Appointments

After a patient has had any periodontal therapy, including osseous surgery or scaling and root planing, your dentist recommends having frequent periodontal maintenance appointments. Once periodontal disease is under control with treatment, the patient must obtain periodontal maintenance care regularly from their dentist, hygienist, or periodontist.

Why Is It Important to Keep Your Appointments?

Periodontal maintenance is more profound than standard cleaning. Patients with a history of the periodontal disease need a deeper cleaning because they have formed pockets and spaces due to previous bone loss. Data suggests that most patients with a history of periodontitis should obtain periodontal maintenance at least four times a year since that interval results in a decreased likelihood of disease progression.

Periodontal maintenance intervals are individualized to meet the needs of each patient. Your dental team considers the classification and severity of the disease when recommending the proper periodontal maintenance recall for their patients.

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